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Thank you for visiting our blog site. We are aware in this day and age of fancy web sites that ours is primitive at best. We have chosen to put our resources into products and services and not the Internet or the web site.

The good news is that we have been redesigning the web site for some time and you can look towards 2011 or so when the change will be made as Gee is working diligently. After all what we do is provide you with the best selection, best prices and most knowledgeable staff you can find anywhere and that includes anywhere.

Pursuant to several requests and comments we have posted the store hours and direct email information closer to the top of our URL and hope this will be a convenient place to find that info. We have also opened Face Book, Yelp and Twitter for your input and participation. All these links appear on our BAM web site Yes we know in this day and age we are a throwback to when service and knowledge were desirable but we believe these attributes are still held in high regard by many.

Remember what really IS the best deal….think about that now and let us know.


Your good friends at BAM


About bellevueamerican

Opened in 1984 serving the Puget Sound community and beyond for almost a quarter of a century. Locally owned and locally staffed always.
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One Response to Our web site

  1. Really cool to see that BAM is blogging! Keep it up – people do read it (even though they might not comment as much as you would like them to).

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