About BAM

In 1984 Bellevue American Music opened as a satellite of the original American Music in Seattle in a small location at 100th and Main St. Shortly after opening the store was told the location was not zoned for retail and must move immediately. The owners at that time, Andy Aldrich and Reese Marin found a location that is the current address (although much smaller than now) recently vacated by a Computerland store. In late 1984 the location was firmly established as an Eastside music store. from that time until 2001 small renovations and expansions occurred. In 2002 the two owners split the company into separately owned and operated music stores. Bellevue American Music was born April 1, 2002. form that time on the Bellevue store firmly established the goals of an expert staff, dedicated to exceptional service and an unparalleled selection of fine quality as well as cost effective musical instruments. We quickly became the largest Taylor Guitar dealer in the area, one of the largest Martin dealers, the largest Fender dealer for American Deluxe and Custom Shop, the largest ESP dealer in the area, a Fulltone premier dealer and the largest in the area and we currently maintain several exclusive arrangements with rare and exclusive high quality products such as Composite Acoustic Guitars , of which we are the largest dealer in the United States, Duesenberg Guitars, Top Hat Amplifiers and many more of the highest quality and most sought after products in the music industry today. The combined experience of the staff is over 80 years in the music industry and the store operates strictly by the Golden Rule. We seek to create a comfortable and knowledegable environment that is dedicated to the best service and highest degree of knowledge to be found. Certainly we put much more on your table that a mail order catalog or an Internet seller of instruments. Support your local stores as they are an endangered species.

Bellevue American Music – When You’re Ready!


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